Choosing a Construction Temporary Agency

A construction temporary agency helps companies find workers to meet project needs, fill labor shortages and complete jobs on time. Agencies typically have a pool of workers, including general and skilled laborers and tradespeople. They conduct skills assessments, reference checks and screening to ensure candidates are qualified and ready to work. They also have staff that can assist with hiring, payroll and benefits administration. They can match your company with workers even outside of normal business hours to prevent costly delays in projects. They can source workers for commercial, residential and disaster recovery projects.

Eu Workers the right construction temporary agency involves considering the agency’s reputation, industry expertise, compliance with laws and regulations, screening and hiring processes and quality of customer service. Some agencies make money by charging a flat retainer up front, while others charge a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary after they have been hired.

“Scaling Your Workforce: The Role of Temp Agencies in Construction Growth

Contractors can find a wide range of construction professionals through temp agencies, including project engineers, schedulers, estimators and superintendents. Using a staffing agency to find these roles can help contractors keep projects on track, meet budget requirements and maintain high standards for safety.

The best construction temp agencies will be familiar with the nuances of various roles and have a deep understanding of the specific requirements of each project. They will be able to match you with candidates quickly and easily. They can also take care of the paperwork by calculating wages, taxes and other deductions, printing paychecks, making deposits and filing employment tax reports at year-end. They can offer temp-to-hire or direct-hire solutions depending on your current and future needs.