Maldives Travel News – Reopening Borders and New Airport Fees

Maldives Travel News

With its pristine waters and sandbanks, the Indian Ocean’s Maldives Islands is an island paradise. Whether it’s a beachfront massage or an underwater snorkeling session, your trip to this tropical retreat is sure to make for a memorable vacation.

My Maldives reopened its borders to travelers from all countries on July 15, 2023, with the exception of the capital city of Male and the more populated non-resort islands. All visitors must be fully vaccinated with two doses of an approved WHO coronavirus vaccine. Curfew hours have also dissolved and hotels are required to keep guest rooms open.

However, calls to boycott the destination have sparked controversy, particularly in India, where more than one-third of all international tourists visit. Some travel agents have canceled bookings to the Maldives and scrubbed their websites of photos from the country, while others recommend visiting the neighboring Indian archipelago of Lakshadweep instead.

Breaking Waves: Catching Up on the Latest Maldives Travel Trends

Nonetheless, the Maldives is reopening to visitors, and the island nation’s luxury resorts are doing their part to welcome visitors with new incentives. From spas to overwater suites, these upscale retreats are taking the getaway experience to new heights.

In addition to reopening borders, the Maldives has also introduced a new airport tax and development fees for travellers, starting January 2022. The country is also building a new 3.4km runway at Velana International Airport to accommodate larger air crafts such as the Airbus A380. The changes are designed to offset the cost of developing the infrastructure needed to attract more air traffic, and to fund the maintenance of existing facilities.