Online Insurance Courses For CAIB

About Online Insurance Courses for CAIB

Taking an insurance course in a classroom can require time away from work or family and requires you to attend class over 3 to 5 days, typically 8 to 10 hours per day where you sit and listen to an instructor discuss concepts while you take notes and highlight sections in your study manual. While this approach to learning is effective for many people, it can be difficult for some who prefer a more flexible schedule and want a more interactive experience during their training.

In order to become licensed as an insurance broker, you must complete a series of courses that culminate in the national licensing exam. These courses are offered in classrooms, immersion and self-study through your provincial insurance brokers association. Source

You can start the licensing process by taking Fundamentals of Insurance. This course prepares you to enter the industry by focusing on the basics of insurance and is required to apply for a level 1 licence. You can also start the CAIB program which includes a practice exam and leads to the nationally recognized designation and license equivalency of CAIB.

How to Choose the Right Online Insurance Course for Alberta Certification

The first module of the CAIB program, CAIB 1, focuses primarily on general insurance and covers items such as habitational coverages; insurance related to farming; personal auto and travel; and emphasizes professionalism. The second module of the CAIB program, CAIB 2, introduces you to the world of commercial insurance and covers commercial property, crime insurance, and business interruption products. The third module of the CAIB program, CAIB 3, rounds out your comprehensive knowledge of commercial insurance by delving into specialty commercial products such as marine and aviation insurance, risk management and commercial automobile.