The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon Australia


Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic procedure that can change the shape of your nose and help with breathing problems. It can be performed by surgeons all over the world. The best rhinoplasty surgeon Australia has the training and expertise to give you natural results that look like they were not done at all. This is why you should not be tempted to choose the cheapest surgeon.

The total cost of a rhinoplasty can range between $8,000 and $20,000 AUD, depending on the surgeon you choose and your location. You can expect to pay hospital fees, anaesthetist fees and surgeons fees for the surgery. The surgery can also be partially covered by medicare and private health insurance if there is a medical need for the operation.

Mastering the Art: Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Australia

Surgeons who specialise in rhinoplasty have specialized surgical techniques to achieve the desired appearance and restore balance to the face. They have a detailed understanding of what can and cannot be achieved through surgical intervention, and can advise patients on the best outcomes possible for their unique facial characteristics.

Dr. Mohammad Mohaghegh has extensive experience with rhinoplasty and uses the advanced VECTRA 3D imaging system in conjunction with patient to determine realistic expectations. This system is designed to minimize the risk of complications and improve patient satisfaction after the operation.

During your initial consultation at Panthea Clinics in Sydney or Canberra, we will discuss your goals and examine your nose externally and internally to see how the structure can be adjusted to achieve the results you want. We will use computer modeling to demonstrate what changes may be possible, and you can ask any questions you have about the procedure.