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A Roofer is a person who installs or repairs new roofs. They might also be called a “roofing contractor,” a “roofing professional,” or a “roofing installer.” A roofer is typically employed by a roofing company, although they can also work independently. They may be licensed as a roofing contractor or a general contractor that specializes in roofs, or they may be unlicensed and have a crew of people who are qualified to do the work.

Roofers typically have a high school diploma and complete anywhere from a few months to one year of an apprenticeship program under experienced roofers. They must be familiar with a variety of materials, including wood and metal sheeting, as well as roofing systems. They need to understand how different weather conditions affect roofs and how to adapt their work to different scenarios.

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Roofers have strong Realistic interests, which means they like practical problems and solutions that involve real-world materials and tools. They prefer working outdoors and usually enjoy physical activities. They also tend to value Support, Independence, and Working Conditions. This type of job can be very rewarding, but it’s important to have a good attitude to keep up with the demands of the work. It’s also essential to stay updated on the latest roofing techniques to avoid costly mistakes. A well-maintained roof will protect your biggest investment, so it’s a must to have the right team on hand.

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